The Star of India tall ship is, quite simply, the oldest active ship in the world! The "modern" Ramsey Shipyard which was created around 1830 on the Isle-of-Man in the UK and was a busy ship building industry for many years. The star of India was built there in 1863, first named, Euterpe. She made a few voyages to India but then went on to long voyages taking immigrants to New Zealand. Around the turn of the 20th century she was sold to Americans and renamed The Star of India. She fell into disrepair and was saved by a group from San Diego in 1927 but wasn't fully restored until 1976 when she was able to be sailed again at which point she became the centerpiece of the Maritime Museum of San Diego. I have yet to sail on her. But I have had two opportunities to shoot her out sailing in recent years!

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